In this time of ignorance and bid’ah, we muslims are facing one of the greatest touble to practice Islam according to it’s basic teachings .You will see there are many people call to Islam with misleading interpretation and that’s actually leading us against the Quran and sunnah. So what’s the way to differentiate between the haq and batil ?


Before proceed, I wanna remind you a hadith.

Abu Najih Al-‘Irbad bin Sariyah (may Allah be pleased with him) reported, “The Holy Prophet (Sallallahu a’laihi wa sallam) delivered an eloquent sermon, which greatly moved us and sent a wave of fear into our hearts and our eyes shed tears.

We said to him, ‘This sermon seems like the last advice; then tell us something more as advice.’

He (Sallallahu a’laihi wa sallam) said, ‘I advise you to fear Allah (because of your obligations to Allah) and to hear and obey even a slave who may be put in authority over you. Those of you who survive me will notice many differences. It will be incumbent upon you to follow my Sunnah (tradition) and the practices of my rightly guided successors (Caliphs) and hold fast with these precepts and traditions and beware of innovations and inventions in religion, because every innovation leads to the wrong path.’ ” (Abu Dawud – hadith 4607; Tirmizi – hadith 2676; Ibn Majah – hadith 42; Musnad Ahmad – 4/126,127) (For reading the explanation of that hadith please visit here)


Now let’s look an incident held at the time of Khulafa e Rashida which held regarding khawarij and have an important lesson for the ummah.

While Ali (ra) send Abdullah ibn Abbas (ra) to the khawarij to invite them to bring back to the fold of Islam, then Ali said to Abdullah Ibn Abbas, “Go to them and debate with them but not with Quran, because there is a chance to various (misleading) explanation by them. Rather you debate with the Sunnah.”

Then Ibn Abbas said, “Ya Amirul Mu’minin, the knowledge of the Quran I have is much then themselves because it was revealed in our house.”

Ali said, “You said the truth. But as Quran may have chance for various types of meaning and explanation, so you debate them with the quran as well as they also. But while you will debate them with sunnah, then they couldn’t find any way to deny (what are they thiking right).”


There is also an athar (saying) of Umar (ra), “Soonly there will come some people, who will debate with you with the various meaningful ayat of the Quran, then you should deal them with sunnah, because the knowledgable people are also more knowledgable about the book of Allah.”


So according to the teachings of the rightly guided khalifah, we must try to understand the Sunnah which will be help us to avoid any misleading interpretations of the Quran that are currently very available at present .



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