Video Tutorial : Helpful steps for lowering your gaze online


Lowering gaze is an important Ibadah in Islam. There is a strong connection between lowering gaze and soul purification. And while it comes about browsing online, then it become one of the most dangerous trial.


The Idea of image blocking is a great thing that make us comfortable for browsing online. And here I am for sharing with you the way to block images of any website. Yes, you could add exceptions too.


I’m neither a professional video maker nor an editor. Yet I tried to make this video looking good, but most importantly, the useful one.


All credits of this video goes to Allah. Without His help, it’s impossible for me to do it.


All of the good things of this video are from Allah.


All of the mistakes & any negative things are from myself, and from shaytan.


“…. my ability to do any thing comes from none but Allah. In Him alone I have placed my trust and to Him alone I turn in humbleness.” (Surah Hud, 11 : 88)





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